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MBP to LCD tv strange cable replacement problem

Up until now I have connected my MBP to my LCD TV via VGA cable to the adapter that goes from VGA to minidisplay port. I have a small 5 or 6 foot VGA cable that I was using. Once I connect it, my MBP display goes blue and my LCD TV becomes the monitor and everything is calibrated automatically - it just works with nothing to set overtime.

Last night I went to tiger direct and picked up a 15 foot VGA cable so that I could sit on the couch and operate the computer for movies etc. I hooked it up and t was as if the screen resolution went to 640x480 and I could see this on both the MBP and the LCD TV. I changed resolution to the max and it was still mirroring both displays. Even at the 1900 x ??? setup it didn't look right. On the TV the screen was moved over to the right so you could see a 10inch black bar along the left side, along with a flashing pinkish line along the bottom. All the TV would let me do was move the screen over to the left to centre it, but not expand it to fill the screen. I plugged in the old cable and it looked perfect again, I plugged in this cable and same problem. I went back and forth and same results..

Is it the cable? is there a certain length of cable that would cause this? is it something else? I've never had to calibrate my TV before..


in looking on the site it seems the cable I got has a lower resolution than other ones..

this is the one I got

Buy the Cables To Go 15-Foot HD15 Monitor Cable at TigerDirect.ca

this is the other one they have..

Buy the Cables To Go 15-Foot HD15 UXGA Monitor Cable at TigerDirect.ca

think this would solve the problem?

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most likely...if you want HD.. i suggest you do your output to HDMI... if you dont have HDMI then yes the VGA cable with the higher resolution output is the proper one.. it also depens on your TV.. what is its max resolution...
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The second cable seems to be a bit better based on the specs - stragely enough the price for both is the same.
I think the first cable should have worked - it's supposedly good to 100ft or so, same as the second one.
Not sure what to make of the display resolution spec with each of the cables.
But the second cable is a male to male cable, so you would need a gender changer if you use that.
Perhaps the first cable is just defective ???
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I went back to Tiger direct and the manager helped me. The guy had no clue what I was talking about. Tried to sell me a display port adapter, and wouldn't listen that the mac has minidisplay port and I already have one..lol

He said they don't have the resolution cables and looked right infront of our noses and saw a 15 ft. He said it wont work but if it doesn't bring it back again. Came home hooked it up and it works beautifully, and the best part it was about $10 less..

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yea.. going to tiger direct for issues with Apple is a bad idea.. they have no clue what theyre talking about when it comes to troubleshooting apple computers. even this. its a universal problem but even so.. theyre clueless.
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