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All in one Printer, scanner and fax Recommendations

Good day all,
A while back I posted for info on faxing with my Mac as my fax machine is dead. It is a good thing that I held off a bit as it turns out that my wife would like a scanner. So my question is does any one have any recommendations for a good inexpensive all in one printer, scanner and fax. We do not print pictures so it is not necessary to have great photo capabilities.
I am looking at Costco , they have an small HP for a little over a $100.00 bucks. What do you think?
Thanks S.B.
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Consider spending a bit more and getting a black & white laser all-in-one. I picked up a Brother unit for $299 and it has been absolutely fantastic. I have it connected over our network and can print and scan from all of our computers. I can also send a fax from my computer over the network using the printer as the controller. Doesn't get much better than that.

I have had the unit for about 8 months and am still on the first (smaller than standard) toner cartridge. When the cartridge goes, a replacement will cost about the same as a set of ink cartridges for any decent printer.
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I'll second the recommendation for Brother - they're pretty much bullet-proof, and the software actually works on the Mac. Unlike, say, H-friggin'-P, which can't be bothered to debug their own ^&*% drivers... my HP C4180 AIO will print... but I haven't been able to scan since upgrading to Leopard...
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Unless you're absolutely strapped for space, consider getting separate printer and scanner. Every time there's an OS update you hear people crying about their all-in-ones not working with it, especially the scanner part. Sometimes updates are eventually forthcoming, sometimes not. Stand-alone components have a much better record in this respect, and seem to have more features generally than the modules in an all-in-one.
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My HP Photosmart 5180 has behaved faultlessly since I got it. It is ethernet ready so I have got it on my network and it will scan and print from the MBA wirelessly.
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Old Apr 23rd, 2008, 06:23 PM   #6
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Brother 7820N

don't forget to use the $50 dollar rebate from mfg website.
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Old Apr 23rd, 2008, 07:23 PM   #7
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I have an HP 3050 Laserjet all in one. its a black and white that prints really fast, faxes, copies, and scans via sheet loader (as opposed to a flatbed)

HP recently released updated 10.5 drivers. for $250 its dam good deal.

I'm told it will also work as a network printer through Airport Express or Extreme.....
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I prefer a Fax machine that is separate from a Scanner; mostly because I take my scanner on the road and want the smallest unit possible. Plus, a problem with one part will render the whole thing useless. All In Ones can be kind of a hassle when it comes to drivers...

Brothers are pretty good units. They bought a Laser Fax at work, and the cool thing is that it has USB, so I could connect my iBook and print to it. (The model would not scan back to the computer, though I could Fax an image back at lower resolution than usual.)
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I'm partial to Lexmark myself (4350 model I think we have), but there are tons of good models out there. I think I just saw something at Wal-Mart for about $70. Hard to go wrong, really. It probably costs more for the ink than it does for the whole machine. I also have the printer/copier/scanner combination with a fax machine in a separate room. No particular reason.
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Costco had the Brother 8460N on sale recently for $299 and I grabbed it after HP let me down following an upgrade to Leopard. I'll never buy another HP product ever again.

This Brother machine is excellent. Instant on, no warm-up, scanning software is limited, but adequate, built-in networking, standard faxing, works great with Leopard and since it uses CUPS, should work with all subsequent OS releases. +1
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