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Psystar OpenMac a Scam?

Psystar mystery adds up to phishing scam | ZDNet Government |

For some who didn't already know there were talks about a company called Psystar making computers preinstalled with OSX Leopard and such for 399$

However its sounding more and more like a scam.

Conclusion: Psystar is collecting credit cards numbers, encouraging that people send them email, and engaging in spyware. It’s a phishing/credit-card scam. If you gave them your credit card number you should alert your bank. You might want to contact the FL Attorney General. I contacted them and they said to date they have no complaints about Psystar or Pedraza.
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Why am I not surprised? Anything that sounds too good to be true usually is. Psystar…Apple? Psystar…Apple? Now, let's see…where would I like to spend my money? But a $400 Mac-like computer is such a good deal!
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I'm with Mr Spock.. er.. fjnmusic on this one. My scam detector went on full alert as soon as I even saw the first mention of it. And I could only watch in awe (and pity) as people proudly announced that they ordered some! I hope for their sake they can get out of this without losing anything.

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Old Apr 21st, 2008, 05:28 AM   #4
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Yes, it's a scam. Next question?
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Perhaps "hoax" is even a better term.

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Or, it could be neither a hoax or a scam, and COULD be a couple guys running a basement computer shop trying something different.
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Originally Posted by guytoronto View Post
Or, it could be neither a hoax or a scam, and COULD be a couple guys running a basement computer shop trying something different.
Hehe yeah, lets have a little faith before we jump the gun on this.

If it does end up being a scam, customers will have NO problem getting their money back.
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I have been avoiding responding to these forums as of late to keep my blood pressure down as it seems the ignorance level is on the rise...

Since someone who's opinion always seems to agree with mine (guytoronto) has replied with yet another smart answer, I will offer in my opinion too.

Mac clones have been around for ever. My Dad used to own a Mac IIc ORANGE clone that was actually better then a IIc as the Orange one had 2 cpus in it (through selection, not synchronization)! Macintosh clone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

As for the legal side, I know its illegal to run OSX on a non apple branded computer. But there's a loop in there some where I am sure. Something to do with they are selling a computer with an opensource firmware, and on the side they sell legit copies of Leopard, which happen to work on said computer.

I know I'm naive in thinking that it will be ok, but I am dying for a 400 dollar Mac .
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Originally Posted by zmttoxics View Post
I know I'm naive in thinking that it will be ok, but I am dying for a 400 dollar Mac .
As far as gambling goes, this is the flush your money down the toilet type. If the parts alone would cost you way more than $400 to build it yourself I think you can safely assume it's too good to be true (after all they have to make a profit right?). Then there's the possibility that you'll never be able to upgrade again unless Psystar's as of yet non-existent lawyers beat Apple at their own game.

Guy Toronto is right, but that doesn't change the fact that there may be a lot of customers who never receive the goods once the lawsuits start flying.

Then again, not like what I say matters... People love to gamble. Our economy is built on it.
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Originally Posted by zmttoxics View Post
.. I am dying for a 400 dollar Mac .
You are not alone, and that's why this scam will work so swiftly and successfully.

Here's something to think about before you send your money and then wait by the mailbox;

(Gleaned from : Psystar mystery adds up to phishing scam )

This Psystar "company" has changed its land address on its website, 4 times in 5 days.

Psystar does not have cc processing. Visa cancelled their merchant account for contract violations, BUT Psystar is collecting credit card numbers from people ordering the vapourware machine (Psystar's website) is loaded with .exe files you're supposed to save.

They started taking orders in March. They did not issue a press release. They have not referred any reporters to lawyers. They are taking credit cards #s with no way to process. They are pointing people to PayPal right now.

They are taking orders with no apparent way to produce the machines.
If they operate out of their homes, or some small shop, how are they going to produce all the machines? Do they have a fab in China? They have not said. Do they build them themselves? And customized at that. With whatever OS you want? How long does that take? one guy one day? half a day?
How long do you figure it will take them to build your machine?

On top of this, a bit of research has found a link between Psystar and the
"RazorFX" scam.
Razor was just recently indicted
of securities fraud to the tune of $68m USD

Please read Richard Koman's blog, and especially the talk-backs following.
People are debating the merits and the fishy smell of the Psystar story
Some very interesting information about Psystar is surfacing.

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