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Pat, also spend some time at:

Apple for a mountain of freeware / shareware / demos organized by category. Also lots of Widgets for Dashboard.

As noted earlier, VersionTracker is the place for finding software of all kinds.

twolf3232;543514, regarding your trackpad issue, under

System Preferences-->Keyboard & Mouse-->Trackpad

check to see if "Ignore Accidental Trackpad Input" is checked. This may be the issue for you, as it does take a moment for the OS to realize that you've stopped typing and want to use the mouse (would really like to see a sensitivity slider provided in this PrefPane, as I always have a problem with my palms brushing the trackpad while I type, but I find that turning on "Ignore Accidental Trackpad Input" is more of a bother due to the delay...)

The hard drive size.... This is one unfortunate result of the major increase in digital camera use, movie making, etc. - stuff we never used to do on our computers. One nice thing about my MacBook: easy to swap in a new one, unlike pretty much any previous Apple portable (with the exception of the original Macintosh Portable!

And FWIW, as noted in another thread (or two), my MacBook is giving me a few problems too - but I took the risk of buying an early-build machine rather than wait for the kinks to be worked out. That said, I'd buy another MacBook in a second. 'Course, I may well be singing a different tune after talking to Apple Support.... (yeah, yeah, I haven't had time yet. I'll do it on Monday!)

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Originally Posted by gastonbuffet View Post
for the record, you go back to PC, and i bet that the next computer you buy after that is Mac. Like Arnold, you'll be back.
lol That is truly funny

Figured I wasn't going to add my own post as everyone is doing such a great job responding already but after reading 3 pages into this and hearing from other Mac users I figured what the heck so here goes. . .

I owned my first Mac (which happened to be my first computer) many many years ago. Shamefully, I can't remember the name. It used those gigantic floppies and ran no actually OS. Being the stupid kid I was I experimented with the parts inside and fried the motherboard.

Mysteriously, a few years later, I again found my path crossed with a Mac when someone unloaded a Performa 5200 CD on me. I spent the next few short years learning about it. When it broke I used PCs occasionally over the next 7 years until I recently bought a new iMac (notice the smile). It is such a wonderful feeling to be back in the Mac environment. PCs often infuriated me as I was a constant target for "This Program Has Created An Illegal Operation And Will Shutdown". The only way I can explain the Mac experience is that "it is fun to use all on its own", which is more than I can say for owning a PC. Entirely my opinion, but it is one I will stick by. I've picked up a few video games but find myself content to spend my Mac time surfing with Safari, taking pictures in Photo Booth, utilizing iMove and iDVD as well as learning Tiger and the other apps included in iLife. I'm not going to claim you wont occasionally run into problems as I have actually had iMove and iDVD shut down on me before, but the experience of using a Mac is so much more rewarding in my opinion. If PC users are switching over to Mac expecting a perfect computer 100% of the time then you will be disappointed. No computer is perfect (but Macs still come pretty close!).
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Yea, I agree with you Macburrito that Macs can be more fun to use. I've found that certain programs (like Sibelius, a music editing software I use) sometimes are a little unstable and when you try certain commands they crash. Then again, those same programs might be as unstable on a PC if not worse. It's weird though, I can remember using Finale on PCs when I was at Florida State and never ever having them quit unexpectedly altought my roomate's copy of Finale does shut down unexpectedly sometimes on his iBook.

One thing that I love about my mac is that the OS basically never locks up. Never ever. Some programs occasionally lock up and can be force quit but I can count on the fingers of one hand the times that I had to force shutdown my Mac. The only sad part is that the last time my OS did lock up, my harddrive was dead when I rebooted.
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PatM, what I think you're still missing is that hard drives are the same across computers. The fact is that Apple uses the best of them, but hard drives do fail, no matter which computer you have.

I replaced the drive in my MacBook with a Seagate, not because it was intrinsically better, but because it had more capacity. It took about one minute, as did upgrading the RAM.

I do think I have a Mac with a floppy drive that doesn't work, but hey it's a IIsi !
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For what it's worth...

I like the different point of view of the original post.
I'm one who switched after 10 years of pc hell. I'm used to working on cars and electric motors so a pc with Windows just drove me crazy. All i wanted to do was use it to post resumes, browse and let the kids have some fun and do homework: I didn't want to trouble shoot all the time and all the usual bs, so I fell in love with Macs right away and have been (annoyingly it turns out) telling everyone about them since.
Well, turns out Macs, as I've been discovering, aren't the computer for everyone and are not quite perfect, which as a new owner, i was starting to imagine. So, I like to read the other point of view, to understand why not everyone isn't rushing out to buy a Mac. I've heard some anti Mac stories but most where about machines produced in the 90's, if i recall correctly and i thought it wouldn't apply today. As for me, I'm still a dyed in the wool convert to Macs. A few minor problems with my Imac G5 but still love it.
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The Applecare reps are not all bad either, they replaced an ibook

logicboard free of charge for me and it was completely out of warranty.
I had agreed to pay $198.00 for labor and when I got it back 2 months later they waived the labor fees because of the long wait.

Sorry for your bad luck, and for the record the people on this forum have been very helpful for me when I made the switch a few months back; Thanks again,,,
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Originally Posted by Pat McCrotch View Post
-Macs are ultra expensive. You can get a cadillac of a PC compared to the price of an entry level Mac.
Built an equivalent PC and it will be just as expensive.
Originally Posted by Pat McCrotch View Post
-I'm taking a music analysis class at university so now I'm using a Mac for what it does best, right? music! However, 10 days before my final project is due, my hard drive just quits and I send it to inso (the mac resellers in Montréal) and spend 150 bucks to get my data back and it doesn't work. I was putting off buying an external HD (to back up) until the end of classes, but my barely 9 month old computer crapped out first. Oddly enough, in my same little class of barely 15 students, another girl's G4 will not turn on anymore and she has to submit her project today, but it will lack certain components she wasn't able to back up to a USB data key. At least my mac turned on. Her's might have a dead motherboard and is no longer under warranty.
Sorry to be harsh, but both of you are idiots. If you have critical work on your HD, any HD, be it desktop, laptop, network, whatever, there are only three things that are ever going to save you: backup, backup backup. I've got a friend who is doing her masters in neurosciences, and she keeps her stuff on her laptop backed up in real time. She lugs her external USB drive with her everywhere and every time she saves her files, she saves them in two places. If you lost work because of hardware failures, and you didn't backup, that's your own fault.

Originally Posted by Pat McCrotch View Post
All my friends that have owned macs have had critical problems with the hardware. Most got their parts exchanged except one who's logic board failed a week after his warranty expired.
I hear this a lot, but I've never personally had issues. Of course, I've never bought new hardware, so hardware I have has been "tried and tested" so to speak.
Originally Posted by Pat McCrotch View Post
-The customer service people at Apple Canada are not very helpful and are really unkind. They tend to be really snappy over the phone and they are not well trained. My friend had just bought a new MBP and we couldn't figure out how to get exposé to work. We kept hitting the F9 key and a semi transparent square with an X kept appearing on the screen. Since the computer was days old we called apple care and they first had us reset the pram by holding down certain keys and rebooting 4 times, then they had us DO A FULL REINSTALL OF MAC OS X. It wasn't a big deal because she barely had any data since the Mac was so new. So about 2 hours later the os is reinstalled and still we can't use exposé so we call back and the person says "oh, you just have to hold down the function key and then press f9"! When you consider that Mac has 6 models of new laptops out (really only 2 models: Macbook and MPB) and they can't help you with a simple keyboard operation question... that's pretty hopeless.
No worse than three people trying to figure out why pressing "i" on their ThinkPad yields a "5" instead of an "i" because nobody knows how ThinkPads enable/disable the bloody "NumLock" setting. READ THE MANUAL.
Originally Posted by Pat McCrotch View Post
-Mac's aren't compatible with much. Altough Apple again champions the fact that you can plug a food processor into your mac and it will work, a mac user knows this isn't the case. Your new camera doesn't work, your special mouse drivers come on a CD with EXEs on it etc. Every new product that doesn't have an apple logo on it is hours of fiddling and downloading and work arounds. Even my new Sony ericsson (a company that's supposed to be good with mac) required me to pay for a plugin so it would even speak to my mac. I found out AFTER I bought my phone that iSync has a list of compatible phones... there were only a handfull of phones from each company there, not a great selection.
Sony + Mac = Crap in my own experience. That might have changed, but after the MD fiasco with NetMD years ago, I've never expected anything from Sony to work well with my Mac. Mouse drivers are a download away, buy a product that says it is Mac compatible. Case in point: there are a slew of mouses out there from Logitech, but only a few are Mac compatible. If you buy something that doesn't explicitly state it is compatible with your hardware, you're on your own.

Re: iSync. If you didn't do your own research with iSync beforehand, that's your own fault.
Originally Posted by Pat McCrotch View Post
-Mac doesn't have a great shareware community. Need to split a wav file in half? Need to make a fade out on the end of a song? PCs have a wealth of little shareware programs that will do just that. With a mac you need to buy this software and that software for 59.99 that has way to many features and that you only need once.
Learn to search.

I've deleted the parts that I either agreed with, or had no answer on. In short: I believe you are blaming your own inadequacies at problem solving, and being self-sufficient in searching for solutions, on the Mac. The answers are out there.

It's up to you to find them.
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...and thus is reversed the civil turn that this thread had begun to take.

tsk tsk.

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Learned lesson: Don't talk crap about the Mac on a Mac-based forum if you wish to survive the inevitable onslaught from the Mac faithful.

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I've had bad experiences with my mac stuff too, but I just smile and think of how many worse things happened with PC.

For example, the motherboard cracked from heat, and then it would heat up, expand the case a bit, open the crack, and turn off.

It was also a power hog. 50 minutes battery with the screen low, and word open.
It blew out 2 power inverters that were rated much higher than it needed.

I had doubts about my mac for a while, but you realize it's not perfect, but it still blows the competition out of the water.
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