Windows pulls ahead of Unix in Servers. -
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Windows pulls ahead of Unix in Servers.,1759,1930216,00.asp

Interesting little article. Especially since most always assumed that Windows was ahead already.

They're stating that Linux is growing by double digit rates tho, which will easily take over Windows as the #1 pre-installed server.

Now.. lets get some servers running from the Intel Macs and see the performance!
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This reminds me of the kind of "IDC deceit" that goes on with Mac vs PC marketshare statistics. (if you subtract the millions of windows drone-boxes its a different picture)

I'd bet you a sweet nickel that a huge number of those windows servers are in small office situations. If you took the stats for servers in data centers, and/or the ones doing heavy lifting I suspect it would still be very heavily unix/linux based.

For example, in the Top 500 supercomputers, a full 0.20 % are Windows based.
Windows servers sweet arse!

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FWIW, they are comparing revenue - not actual numbers of how many are sold.

Considering that in order to run a Microsoft server you need to buy the Server OS and then buy licenses for every user that will use it, compared to a lower cost Linux solution (but they usually come with pretty decent support packages if paid for).

This is kind of like saying that since I sold 3 Hummers at $100k, and only 9 Kias at $10k the market share of hummers is higher, when in reality the Kias outnumber the Hummers 3:1.

So in summary, I'm of the opinion the conclusion they take from the benchmark they are using is complete BS.
I still remember Macnutt.
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Ya know, Chealion, you gotta git down offa that fence and form an opinion...
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