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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Chealion:

A Mouse should be one buttoned (Debatable)

Actually, there is a very good reason that Apple ships their machines with one button mice, but that is for another topic.

I agree with Sniper on the point about anti-microsoft feelings. I don't like their operating systems, but some of their stuff isn't so bad. Plus, when they throw their support behind something like a new standard you know it is going to get some play.

To me though, I like mac for two reasons. Apple uses open standards (these days) and are making development pretty easy because of it. MS is pushing more proprietary stuff, which does not interest me at all. The Media Center edition (or whatever it is called) of WinXP is a good example of this.

The second is that when a group of PC users get together and talk, they mostly talk about the problems they have had and what they had to do to overcome them.
When a group of Mac users get together they mostly talk about the cool stuff they have done, and how they did it.
PC Users talk about problems with their computers, Mac users talk about actually using their computers.

a bit of a generalisation, but you get the picture.

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Posterboy you just summarized what every study has shown. Mac users get their projects done - PC users often fail to finish projects and spend way to much time on support and trouble shooting issues.
Cost of ownership and return on investment have both been far better for Macs over time even tho the initial cost is higher.

Microsoft moved up in my eyes when they assigned a separate Mac team. Office 2001 was an outstanding turn around from the previous disaster. Wor d 6 [img]tongue.gif[/img]
What i don't like is the "bloatware" aspect of MS. Too much tinkering trying to make things like Word into a page layout program
On the hardware side they are doing a way better job than Apple producing mice and keyboards that are comfortable and productive instead of "design statements".
But they will get stupid - I mean it's not THAT hard to prevent Office X from trying to open a document when you are booted in 9 - duh.

MSs worst sin is trying subvert standards and open sources like Java - modifiying them away from the original. Thy oughta be sued.....oops.....son of gun..they were

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