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It totally wouldn't make sense to have them be only 32-bit. They'd be throwing away all the ground they covered by making the G5s 64-bit! People like the convenience of being able to pump their machine full of ram, why ditch that lovely feature? It also makes the G5s more useful for scientific applications (involving multiplication of large numbers, etc), another niche market seized by Apple currently. Intel has 64-bit Pentium 4s, they're just the more expensive versions of the regular P4s. I have no doubt in my mind Apple will spare no expense, and probably use these, or a variant thereof.

The question is, will the first Intel Powermacs be 64-bit, or will they be seen as a stopgap solution meant to pacify those with a hunger for what they think they know is coming?
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64 Bit Intel

I was listening to the Mac Cast Podcast and Adam Christanson had a guest on talking about various processors (specifically after the keynote). And from what I understand the way Intel has been designing thier processors they can change the properties of the chips by a flick of a switch (for the lack of a better term).
Apparently all of the chips that are now coming off the line are now 64 bit enabled.
If you want to listen it's podcasts 9 and 10 (2 part). Subscribe thru iTunes.
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Originally Posted by seetobylive
so what are we going to call them? a G6?
Whatever Intel callss them. If their Pentium M's - they'll be called Pentium M's. Intel's chips do have names! Of course right now we don't know exactly which future Intel chip Apple is going to use.

Originally Posted by seetobylive
Leo Laporte sais that the new intel G5's will only be 32 bit as opposed to 64 bit!?! Is this true?
Depends on what you define as a 64-bit chip as there are various parts of a chip that can be 64-bit, 32-bit, and even higher (what is Altivec, 128 bit?). Most chips are even a mix of 32-bit and 64-bit. First you have the address or memory interface which can be 32-bit or 64-bit which determines how much memory the chip can access, then you have the data bus and registers which can be 32-bit or 64-bit which determines the size of the data that the chip can process. I believe the G5's are true 64-bit chips in that they have both a address interface of 64 bits and a data bus and registers of 64 bits. On the otherhand I believe the current Intel chips only have a 64-bit address interface and not 64-bit data bus and registers.
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The transition to a full-and-proper 64bit OS will take time. The best reason for 64 bits is to have more than 4GB of RAM, and even then there are workarounds.

- Martin.
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Pentium D's will be the course for high end machines while Pentium M's and Centrino's will be targeted at, Powerbooks, and iBooks.

eMacs and mini's will probable follow in the P4 with 64 bit extensions footsteps.
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The new powerbooks will be using Intel's new "yonah" chip expected in 2006 Q1 - the chip has dual cores ...

As for powermacs, they'll most likely start off using dual Xeons MPs [the 90 nm version is 64 bit] I would suspect ... or something closely related. Intel has lots of really cool chips on the horizon. I would imagine that 64 bit is here to stay; moving to 32 bit would be a move backwards - period - you can't argue that.
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Originally Posted by comprehab
The processors on the Mactels, used by delevopers right now, are P4s. Steeve was using a P4 at the keynote aswell. here is a screenshot
Interesting, of all the faster P4 CPUs out there they were demoing the 'new thing' on a mere 2.4 Ghz? I hope this doesn't mean Apple folks will punish you all with the slower clock speed ghetto again to keep the profit margins high.

BTW: The new socket 775 CPU Intel CPUs are 64 bit(or EMT64) even the celeron line
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