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Price Check: G5 tower system

Can you folks give me an idea of this bundle's net worth - i'm contemplating getting a new package from

- - -

PowerMac G5 Dual 1.8 (rev.B).
8x Superdrive, 80 + 160GB SATA HDs, 768MB RAM
ATI Radeon 9600 64MB AGP 8x
Stock apple wired keyboard, mouse.

Samsung SyncMaster 191T 19" LCD (DVI/VGA dual input)

Mac bought in late June 2004. Still has a bit of original warranty, and Applecare extension can still be bought for it. Display is out of warranty, but I have no probs with it at all. I'm looking to go letterbox/HD, so need to get an Apple display now.

The G5 has a slight problem, but as I said, it's under warranty, and it hasn't bothered me much. If the G5 (in its box, etc) is jostled around (like when i last moved with pro moving truck), the bottom CPU can 'pop-out' with its heatsink. I just re-seat it, and it works fine. If sitting on a desk, it's fine - never had a problem. With the 2nd CPU not seated, the Mac runs fine and only sees 1 CPU.

I have full packaging for both the G5 and Display. Receipt (somewhere) for the G5. Panther discs/restore discs comes with the G5, with iLife 04 as part of restore discs. Running 10.4 on it now and it's wonderful. Maybe 30 DVD-R's have been burned since I bought it. I can configure the HDs to a 160GB RAID-0 Software if desired. Runs nicely with software RAID.

If anyone has an idea on pricing, let me know - thanks!
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This obviously isn't the same PM as the one in your signature. As the specs on this one and the one in your siggy are different. Unless you replaced your 400 GB hard drive and 3 GB of RAM... and plan on keeping them for your next system.

And a couple of questions.. if it's still under warranty why not get it fixed through an Authorized Mac repair centre. Every major city has one.

This is a new machine and gives a lot of punch, why sell when it's under a year old?

But yeah I think your machine would be good if fixed, and you can do this still within the warranty period.. or under these circumstances is the warranty void because the computer was damaged when it was being moved...
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Old May 9th, 2005, 04:42 PM   #3
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I don't drive, and the box is massive. bMac, where i bought it in this city went under, so not quite sure if I need to send it back to Apple or find another certified repair center in Ottawa. As for the discrepency in specs, it's the same I have now, but my 400GB in my specs reflects an external FireWire HD as well, and i'd be keeping the 2GB RAM upgrade i just got for it, and snagging the 512MB new memory that comes with a new G5 and giving it to the new owner of the old G5. (128x2, 256x2).

The G5 was received as such, from bMac, with the bottom CPU not seated properly. Within a week of me trying to get bMac to give me a replacement machine, they went bankrupt and vanished off the face of the earth. I learned to live with the issue, not that it's a massive one or anything. If I had self-voided and banged-up my own Machine, I would not have been deceitful about it in my first message. In otherwords, no, I didn't drop the Mac during the move or anything.

As for performance, I've been consistently replacing my Macs every 12 months or less. I'm finding with Pro Audio design and now HD video encoding that my Dual 1.8 even with 3GB of RAM to be lacking in adequate performance in this department.
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