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Originally Posted by Randy B. Singer View Post
Two interesting thoughts:

One is that there have been x86 emulators for ARM around for decades. So the transition to ARM should be seamless. Older Intel programs should run just fine under emulation.
Iím pretty sure last year Microsoft announced full Windows 10 installation/compatibility was coming for ARM processors and not just an RT version.

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Originally Posted by Randy B. Singer View Post
Two...I'm wondering if, since ARM is a RISC processor like PowerPC, if all of the old PowerPC programs can therefore be easily ported to ARM?
I doubt it. The two processors likely have different instruction sets and numbers of registers. Apparently endianess though isnít a concern with ARM as that can be configured, so thatís one area that wouldnít be a problem since PowerPCs were big endian.
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I agree

Originally Posted by Randy B. Singer View Post
They are commonly used as mobile processors because they have impressively low power requirements. But they can also be very powerful. One company even already uses an ARM processor in their blazingly fast servers.

An ARM processor is a RISC processor, sort of like the PowerPC processor was. They can be made very small, they can be made very fast, they don't use much power, they are very inexpensive to make. And, they have lots of room for further development.

Of very important note, Intel charges Apple hundreds of dollars for each and every processor they sell to them. Apple can make their own ARM processors for only a few dollars each!

What's not to like?
If you havenít heard Apple has very much optimism in ARM instead of Intel!
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Originally Posted by wonderings View Post
Would this lose the ability to run Windows on a Mac as well both virtually and via bootcamp?
If Mac is indeed moving to ARM, ability to run Windows, even occasionally, would be my concern.
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