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Not sure if anyone here can help me...

I am not an i or mac user.. I am hoping to become is the dilemma

I have been with Rogers for a long time. I last renewed my contract in 2010, which should last till 2013. Got a LG handset with just voice plan. Accidentally broke the handset 2 days ago. Still workable but cannot see anything on display screen.

I am thinking of getting an iphone as an replacement since I am more of an internet surfer and texting person instead of actual phone call person..I am reluctant as this will be considered "early upgrade" so they will be charging me an "early upgrade fee" and "handset administration fee" and they will force me to sign another 3 year contract which bring my end date to 2015 (2 year extra!)

I did a little calculation. If I were to stay with Roger, here will be my cost
$110 for early upgrade
$35 for administration fee
$159 for the iphone 4S(let's say I get the cheapest one for ease of calculation)
$59/months for their v. basic voice/data plan x 36 months
Total fee will be ~ $2428 (unless I can find some poor soul to unload my contract to... which is rather cruel!!!)

I usually will prob. have just suck it up but I am planning to move out of Canada sometimes next year

I looked around.. Virgin appeal to me.
No charge for activation
$159 for the handset
$50/month for the basic voice/data plan for as long as you are with them, which in my case may be the next 12 months= total of 600
10% taken from your monthly bill to pay toward the handset ($5/month)
So let's say if I stay in Canada for the next 12months, that will be $60 toward the handset and when I leave I just need to pay for the money remaining for the phone (so if the iphone 4S is 700, I will need to pay $640 when I leave Canada)
So my total for switching will be $400 (cancellation fee) + $159 (handset) + $600 (plan) + $640 (remainder on the handset)= 1799

I phoned Roger up. Obviously they won't let me cancel without paying cancellation fee of $400. They also made mistake.. guy told me that "your contract ends in 2014" I had to tell him to double check.. took him a long time then confirmed that it was 2013...

I asked them if there is any way for me to get a new handset onto my current plan, get a data plan add-on and that I will still stay with them until 2013 but they said no.They also refuse to waive upgrade fee or adminsitration fee... He did not even try to transfer me to the "retaintion department", just keep going on about deals that he can do for me.. which was still more than the Virgin's

So I was thinking of a 3rd alternative as well.. if I just got a new, unlocked phone and stick my current SIM card into it then I will be able to keep my current contract till 2013... The only problem, I then realize is that iphone only takes micro-Sim card... which I don't have. If I go and buy an unlocked iphone from apple store, I will still need to go get a micro-Sim card from Rogers for it to work... at which point they might say this is an upgrade and force me to sign another contract again...

Does anyone have any experience in this? Thoughts and advice?
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