New iPad owner here but do I need another plan for 3G -
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New iPad owner here but do I need another plan for 3G

So my wife surprised me with an early birthday present and got me an iPad 2 64 with 3G. I was in amazement as all I wanted was a 32 with wifi. Anyways before I opened it up I wanted to know if since I have an iPhone 4 do I need to purchase another plan from Rogers to make the 3g work on the iPad or will it use my existing plan where I get 6GB worth of data a month on my phone.

I might keep it if I can share the same plan and not pay a penny more. If I need an add-on plan, then it's going back for the wifi model and I'll just use hotspot on the iPhone 4.
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These links might help out:

How to Tether Your iPhone Data Plan to the iPad | iPad in Canada Blog - Canada's #1 iPad Resource
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You have to pay Rogers a monthly fee to data share your plan, it's about $10-15/month, or was earlier this year. I go with iPhone 4 tethering (Personal Hotspot) and a WiFi iPad, which costs me no extra.

The only downside to no 3G is you lose GPS.
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I'd recommend bluetooth tethering. It works really well between our iPad2 and iPhone4.
Not sure if I'd return the 3G ipad. You may want it in the future?
Rogers want $30 to data share the 6Gb plan. Makes tethering a no-brainer.
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Rogers has 2 types of data plans depending on what kind of a user you are. You really should fully investigate their plans before making a commitment.

If you are an existing Smartphone user (eg. Blackberry, iPhone), then you should look into a Data Sharing plan. They have a few different options It's probably the most cost-effective way to go if you have multiple devices needing data.

If you have a regular cellphone you probably don't have a data plan, in which case you'll need to look at a Data Plan just for your iPad. Those start at $15.00.

Of course if you have an iPhone, 3G wasn't absolutely necessary as setting up a Personal Hotspot is dead easy and if you always have your phone with you... you always have potential to connect to the Internet. It's nice to have if your iPhone runs out of batteries maybe...
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You can do a Wifi hot spot with the iPhone or go with the Bluetooth tethering. So long as you have a cell plan that allows tethering you are fine. Sounds like you have the Rogers 6 GB plan so should be fine.

A few things to keep in mind.

Gotta keep the two devices fairly close together. Not sure about the iPhone 4 Wifi, but BT is only good for about 30'.
Either option can eat a fair bit of battery life. That will limit your iPhone usage. Don't forget and leave it running when you don't need it. If you need to dock the phone for charging it, remember the distance limitation.
Bluetooth is much slower than Wifi. It's good for about 1.25 Mbit/s. You could get 6 on Wifi.

Having the 3G option is nice, you may find a time when you want it such as your iPhone battery dies, or you want to give it to your wife to use for the day, etc. Also, it comes with the true GPS feature that the WiFi model doesn't have.
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thanks for the replies. I exchanged it for the wifi only. I'm a little disappointed in the display thought to be honest. Having the iPhone 4 and the retina display, I find myself questioning if I'm having a hard time getting over the non retina display. I find things like safari text blurry compared to the ip4
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On my plan with Fido I'm allowed to create a "personal hotspot" with the iPhone 4 at no additional charge.
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Maybe this link can help you :

Apple prévoit lancer le nouveau iPad 3 à l'automne 2011 |
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Not meaning to derail the thread, but while I have a number of experienced iPad users on the line, is it possible to use an iPad with an infocus machine. I do a number of presentations and was wondering about the iPad ( as it is light to carry ) or am I left with the traditional laptop. Thanks also for the info on tethering, I didn't know you could tether an iPad to an iPhone..... Great!
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