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Originally Posted by i-rui View Post
choice is good. it should be user assignable.
+ 1 Thats what I think.
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It does seem counter to his mantra of not changing functionality. But I guess this is one of those "Steve's way or the highway" choices doesn't sit well with the majority.

And the Steve has spoken....
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The switch was always supposed to be a mute switch. Even early literature from Apple on the iPad had it labeled as the mute switch. They only temporarily changed it to screen lock as they couldn't get multitasking ready in time for the launch and the screen rotation lock is integrated into the multitasking bar.

That said, choice is good, but I can see Apple's perspective of trying to keep all features the same across their iOS line of products.
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Originally Posted by slicecom View Post
That said, choice is good, but I can see Apple's perspective of trying to keep all features the same across their iOS line of products.
Then maybe they should consider make the switch be a rotation lock on the iPhone. It really does frustrate me that they have 2 hardware components, literally beside each other, that can do almost the exact same thing. Extremely short sighted.

Before (or for lack of a better term let's call it the intelligent way of rotation lock): To lock or unlock: from any angle or when the screen was in any rotation you could lock or more importantly unlock the rotation with a simple click of a physical switch. In fact you could do it without even waking the unit up. Time to complete < 1 second for either a lock or an unlock.

Now: To lock the screen you have to double click a button (and possibly end up leaving the app you were in if the double click didn't work out quite as planned) which brings up an on-screen interface that apple says you mostly don't even need to use and shouldn't really use unless you really need to kill an app. Nope, that's not the interface to lock it yet, this is just the interface for the multitasking, that's not multitasking. No I won't clarify that further, just pay attention here! Now you have to swipe in a very controlled location and manner, then you get to the interface where you can touch the button on the touch screen to lock the interface. Oh, oops, you didn't quite swipe in the right place. Start the whole process again. Ok now that you've gotten to that double clicked hidden feature that you don't need to use place it's time to swipe. Ohhhhh .. nope, that's not it. You have to swipe from left to right, not right to left. We only keep the really obscure and hard to access controls to the left. Well, yes I know it's not really to your left, it's to your virtual left. Ok start the process all over again and let me know when you're back to the super secret hidden function that we refuse to use our perfectly good hardware button for. Ok you're there. Now swipe from left to right. Ok, great now you see it! No ... it's not the iTunes controls. No, no no, it's not the little up arrow type button that just takes up space if you don't actually have any airplay devices. It's that one to the left that looks like a lock. Press that one. Ok, great. Your device is now rotation locked. That was easy, wasn't it?

Now to unlock the rotation in case you pick up the unit and it's not in the right orientation you have to first change the entire way you hold the unit to make sure you get into the orientation it was locked in, then go through all the hoop jumping above to unlock the unit. Now you rotate the hardware to the desired place you want to use it. It you want to lock it into this rotation please repeat all the previous steps again.

My point is that with the hardware switch unlock you could (literally) lock or unlock the rotation with your eyes closed, half awake or whatever. Very little thought, dexterity or motor skills required. Now, it's about as convoluted as having to copy PDF files into your iTunes collection... which requires dragging the PDF in question into your iTunes library (which unless you've changed the default behaviour makes a copy of it to your music library), then manually set the type of it to make sure iTunes knows it's a book -- because you don't want to confuse it with your PDFs that came from music downloads or podcasts -- which you have to do in yet another super secret hidden place that a ton of users know nothing about, then plug in your iOS device of choice, navigate to a specific tab after you've clicked on that device on the left hand side pane (which is now suddenly extremely monochromatic and hard to find things in), then make sure that you've selected that you want to include PDF's in a dropdown menu about half way down that page, then scroll through a list below there ... oh wait sorry, not a "list", but an overly wide, extremely poorly done implementation of what looks to be a web page style interface from about 1999 that shows you pictures of the PDF files with the title in huge bold letters beside them -- and in such a way that you can barely see 2 of them at a time .. and then once you find the item you want (assuming you correctly set the type of it in a much earlier step, if not repeat all of this again), then you can select the checkbox beside it to include this book .. but wait .. that's not all .. you now have to click on the Sync button (or is that Apply button ... it could say either one depending on what window you're in at the time and what you've done within that window) ... and then in 6 easy steps and hopefully not a 30 minute wait because iTunes decided that it really needs to download copies of a whole bunch of things that were on your iOS device that it hadn't seen yet, the file will copy to your iOS device! Easy, no?

(To the grammer nazi's I know that was a huge run-on sentence, but there is a point to it being so).

In "old school" Apple interface terms copying a file would be more like: Drag the file you want to the device icon. Done.

They need to find a "Steve" for their interfaces that will put as much effort into make them simple and elegant as they do their hardware .. this is an art they have completely lost in the last 10 years or so.
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Wow! Longest post ever!

Oh yea, +1
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Thanks I was cranky and needed to rant
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+1 on the rant.

Personally, I'm just not going to upgrade my iPad. At least, not until there's a jailbreak option to fix the switch.
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