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Finally eaten by a Dilophosaurus.

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Do nothing...you want exposure being new to the game and not being a large company. Is there copyright protection? I'd go that route, else if your app is being used then it is being marketed. Eventually someone is going to buy the "real" app or some of your future work.

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Originally Posted by Dennis Nedry View Post
I don't understand why Apple doesn't allow per-device (UUID) trials on a basis that the developer specifies.
They will at some point, I'm pretty sure. I think they want to make SURE they have the infrastructure in place first to check several billion app requests (which is what they will eventually have to deal with).

What would you guys suggest I do to protect myself and my work? Nothing? Try to detect a cracked copy, then "nag" the user to buy a real copy? Try to detect a cracked copy, then post a dialogue on startup that says "Please buy the program" with an option to immediately exit the app?
On a first app, I would advise "nothing." Build your rep with a quality app, price the app to make it easy to accept buying, build in a way to "recover" lost dollars with "level packs" or "add-ons" later if you want.

Another thought: you could put in a "I'm not a big faceless corporation, I'm a small dev. Please don't pirate kthxbai" type message on first-ever startup. It seems to work when the pirate community realise that they are in fact hurting an individual or group of individuals rather than "the man" (a bogus concept but anyway).

But basically, this is a time to build your rep with a high-quality product. Once people know that you do good work, they'll be more inclined to buy on trust and less inclined to behave as you yourself are behaving with regards to "tryouts."
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