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zlinger Jul 27th, 2008 01:11 AM

I will need to watch closely the network setting for data usage in the iPhone for accumulated upload and download to keep it under 6GB. I hope that it is accurate, and tracks data when tethering.

20DDan Jul 27th, 2008 11:23 AM

True Starbucks isn't free but Williams Coffee Pub is very much free! Although we have more Starbucks locations in K/W I still prefer to go to Williams. Not only free WiFi but the food is real food, made fresh & the locations are usually 3 times the size so you actually have a place to sit down!


Originally Posted by fyrefly (Post 708233)
Not in Canada it ain't. It costs anywhere from $7/hour --> $45 a Month, depending on your provider.

crunchiespg Aug 20th, 2008 01:15 PM


Originally Posted by fyrefly (Post 708233)
Not in Canada it ain't. It costs anywhere from $7/hour --> $45 a Month, depending on your provider.

yes it is, i live in calgary, i use starbucks free wifi lots..

MikeyXX Aug 20th, 2008 08:45 PM


Originally Posted by HowEver (Post 708619)
The 6GB plan allows tethering. Other Rogers' data plans, not so much.

How do you know this? I was told specifically when I signed up for the package that tethering is not covered and there is an additional charge.

Mind you, I'm not arguing whether they would know I'm tethering, what I'm asking is why do you think they allow tethering?

HowEver Aug 20th, 2008 09:25 PM


Originally Posted by MikeyXX (Post 718187)
How do you know this? I was told specifically when I signed up for the package that tethering is not covered and there is an additional charge.

Mind you, I'm not arguing whether they would know I'm tethering, what I'm asking is why do you think they allow tethering?

How do I know? Because Rogers and thousands of Rogers customers have confirmed it. The 6GB plan covers every type of data through all of Rogers' access points. Here is a FAQ from another site.


Originally Posted by Mark Rejhon
MINI-FAQ for the 6GB/$30 Data Plan

FAQ Version 1.1
Updated July 16th, 2008. Answers accurate and tested, based on many reports within this thread, as well as personal experience

Q: Is this plan real?

Q: Does it work on all phones?

Q: Unlocked, greymarket, non-3G phones? BlackBerry, TyTN, N95, TREO, even old 2.5G phones?

Q: Can I tether? Use mobile phone as a modem for laptop

Q: Can I swap SIM cards? For example between BlackBerry and iPhone?
Yes. (choose the BlackBerry version of the plan, it works in iPhone, etc too).

Q: Is there a contract required?
Yes, for 3-years on the data portion.
(You can however, do no-contract voice, if you prefer)

Q: When does this plan expire?
August 31st.

Q: Does the BlackBerry 6gig plan work in non-BlackBerry phones such as iPhone?
Yes, perfectly. It's a superset of the non-BlackBerry plan.

Q: Does the iPhone 6gig plan work in a BlackBerry?
Not Fully. (BlackBerry Email won't work, nor does other BIS services)

Q: Is there IMEI filtering?
No. In current Rogers documents, the only thing that is specifically discriminated against are aircards, but only for activation. Also, if you sign up for a new phone number for the first time, there are possible IMEI difficulties (that relates to all plans, not just 6gig), but once you have an active SIM card, any phone can be used.

Q: This sounds too good to be true! Is it?
Not really. Many countries still have cheaper data plans, but we are at least much more competitive in the data department. The restrictions (above) are very similiar to behaviour of many American data plans of similiar pricing. Conditions or clauses may of course, change in the future, but it is generally believed to be unlikely to become significantly restrictive due to many factors. There is now iPhone vs BlackBerry data pricing parity, this plan is already explicitly allowed for a huge number of phones with no apparent limitation, there is competition from Bell, there is airwave auction putting a threat to Rogers' ability to add restrictions that might later repel people to a future competitor, current economic conditions making consumers more choosy, improved 3G capacity allowing unrestricted (yet capped) use, past precedent of American data plans of similiar pricing and similiar restrictions, etc.

Q: Can I use an aircard?
Yes and No. You cannot activate in an aircard. However, moving a SIM card into an aircard appears to work, according to users who are reporting on this. Since tethering was mentioned to be allowed, it is unlikely Rogers will block aircards, although this is not a guarantee.

Q: Can I have a no-contract 6gig plan?
Generally, no. If you want a no-contract iPhone data or no-contract BlackBerry plan, there's a $30/300meg option or $100/6gig option that is month-by-month. Getting $30/6gigs requires the 3-year commitment.

Q: Can I keep my existing no-contract voice plan while adding the 6gig/$30 plan
Yes. (Need correct department; use the DATA department to add the 6gig/$30) In this case, the cancellation fee is limited to $100 and only on data.

Q: Is this 6gig plan a viable substitute to my home Internet connection for my home PC?
Yes, especially if you're unlucky enough to be stuck with dial-up or satellite, or if you need a more "portable" version of your Internet connection.

Q: What's the technical difference between BlackBerry and the non-BlackBerry version of the 6gig/$30 plan?
The BlackBerry version of the 6gig plan is a superset of the iPhone (non-BlackBerry) 6gig plan. This is because the BlackBerry plans can access APN AND, while the non-BlackBerry plans can only access APN So BlackBerry plans will work in all phones, even if the BlackBerry feature of the 6gig plan is kept dormant until you later decide to switch to a BlackBerry, or swap SIM cards regularly with a BlackBerry. This means, if one of your future phones might be remotely a BlackBerry in some form, you should get the 6gig BlackBerry plan, before you lose the opportunity to get 6gigs for only $30, as it may be possible that it may be a while before Rogers offers a heavily discounted data after this promotion ends. It is possible to regret not having getting the BlackBerry version of this plan, if you later decide to switch to a BlackBerry, so better safe than sorry.

Q: What are the product codes for the 6gig/$30 plan?
For BlackBerry devices, it is BB6GBIS3
For all other devices, it is DAT6GBX3
There are two product codes (SOC codes) due to the addition of the additional BlackBerry services on top of the 6GB plan. So, if you're planning to get a BlackBerry in the future, it's best to have the BlackBerry version of this plan anyway, just in case.

Q: I have a work-issued BlackBerry on BES. Can I get the 6gig/$30 plan?
No. This is a consumer BlackBerry plan only and does not work with BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server). It is generally likely, in the next few months, that corporate pressure will cause Rogers to at least raise the data buckets to match the consumer plans. (i.e. $100/1gig becomes $100/6gig). Please talk to your Rogers rep for your corporation, so that Rogers can adjust. While it is likely that Rogers may continue to be reluctant to cut prices of corporate BlackBerry plans, it is still considered likely that Rogers will dramatically raise data limits to prevent a corporate exodus to Bell Mobility or Telus, as IT and accounting departments are reportedly currently fuming at paying 25megs/$60 once they heard about the new 6gigs/$30.

Q: Can I combine my existing or no-contract voice plan with 6gig/$30 plan?
Yes. First, activate your phone on a no-contract plan (i.e. 200 mins for $20/month), or choose your existing phone with a pre-existing Rogers voice plan you want to keep without affecting its voice contract. That's the first step. This needs to be done completely separately of data, so that data becomes a separate contract. Next, once this is done, add the data plan separately of voice. The general safest and easiest way to separately add the 6gig/$30 this is to simply later call in Rogers at 1-866-931-DATA and ask for the DATA department instead of BILLING or SALES. The data department has the ability to add the 6gig/$30 data plan to any existing plan without affecting the voice plan. It is often safer because the DATA department generally has no authority to modify voice plans, while at the same time, has the ability to add-on the 6gig/$30 plan. So this thus, gives you the safety net against an accidental new/extended voice contract when you don't want that.

Q: I got conflicting information from Customer Service at Rogers. Why?
As of July 15th, 2008, this FAQ has proven more accurate based on experiences of HowardForums users. It is possible Rogers has changed policy, but for now, say thank you politely to the CSR, hang up, and come back to the forums to doublecheck what the instructions are to get a task resolved. Rogers is rapidly hiring new CSR staff and some of them are less experienced than others who agree with everything in this FAQ. For example, certain things require you to simply call Rogers back, or get a different department (i.e. DATA department) that is able to accomodate a specific request such as adding the 6gig data plan without requiring you to re-sign your voiceplan into a new 3-year contract. Please call back at a less busy time, to keep Rogers from being overloaded, they are already busy activating iPhone users.

Q: What is the early cancellation fee for 6gig/$30?
The Data Early Cancellation Fee (DECF) is currently $100. (or $5 for every remaining month left of your 3-year contract, whichever is less). This is charged when you cancel the data portion of your plan, or when you leave Rogers (assuming your voice-plan is month-by-month or no-contract -- there can be a separate cancellation fee for the voice contract)

Q: Are there any other pay-per-use data charges?
Nope. The 6gig/$30 has no other fees. No pay-per-use. No matter which phone.

Q: Are there data overages?
Rogers now has Data Overage Protection. This means in the unlikely event you go over 6 gigabytes, the first $30 of data overages is $0.50 per megabyte, then $30 per gigabyte thereafter ($0.03 per megabyte). As long as you avoid Bittorrent, you should be OK even with reasonable amounts of video-watching. 6 gigabytes provides approximately 100 hours of YouTube video watching per month (6292 minutes, according to Rogers!)

Q: Any data roaming fees?
None in Canada. If you stay within Canada, you can use the 6GB all over Canada, or even in the backseat of a car, on VIA Rail, Highway 401, Greyhound. There's reception along the whole Northeast corridor -- it is like one massive WiFi hotspot.

Q: Can I use a phone from eBay? Used phone from a thrift store?
Yes. This is often called a greymarket phone, which is specifically allowed. If it's not Rogers branded, make sure it is unlocked. This FAQ is not responsible for any problems specific to the used phone you are purchasing, so it is your responsibility to make sure that the phone is compatible (i.e. Buy from reputable seller, make sure it has data features you need especially 3G capability for maximum download speeds, and that CDMA phones such as Bell Mobility phones do not work on Rogers, etc.)

Q: Okay! How do I add this plan to my existing phone quick?
Call 1-866-931-DATA and ask for the DATA department. Alternatively, call 611 directly from your cellphone and ask for the DATA department. Then tell them you want get the 6 gigabyte $30 promo plan. (Ask for the BlackBerry version of this plan, if you have a BlackBerry or plan to eventually get one. For the latter, explain that you will be using a BlackBerry later.)

-> FAQ current as of July 16th, may be updated on the go, especially as Rogers may change the behaviour of the 6gig plan, or that new FAQ items are added
-> Permission is hereby granted to any moderator to copy-and-paste FAQ to append to the bottom of my first post of the thread
-> Please don't ask me questions about this in PM, please reply to this thread instead.

If tethering were not allowed, Rogers would specify that.

Rogers Communications - Wireless, Digital Cable TV, Hi-Speed Internet, Home Phone

Here is the legal language from that page. Rogers says you can't use the 30GB with a "PC Card" but people do without being charged extra.


Originally Posted by Rogers
Offer available between July 11 and August 31, 2008 and is subject to change without notice. Offer does not apply to laptop access cards. Offer cannot be combined with any other promotional data offers. Data usage is measured in the Kilobytes transmitted over the Rogers Wireless data network (usage will be rounded to the next full Kilobyte). While roaming outside of Canada, standard U.S. and international roaming rates apply. Visit for our roaming rates and destinations. Activation of the 3G Smartphone Data Plan on Apple® iPhone™ 3G is subject to the Terms and Conditions for iPhone Voice and Data Packages provided in the iPhone Voice & Data Packages brochure. In connection with your 3G Smartphone Data Plan, a Data Early Cancellation Fee (DECF) applies if, for any reason, your service is terminated prior to the end of your 36-month term. The DECF is the greater of (i) $25 or (ii) $5 per month remaining in the term, to a maximum of $100 (plus applicable taxes), and applies in addition to the Early Cancellation Fee (ECF) for termination of your voice plan service agreement.

MikeyXX Aug 20th, 2008 09:30 PM

Well presented. Sounds good, thanks.

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