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Originally Posted by eMacMan View Post
Depends a lot on the paper but typically even our local weeklies may leave out various articles from their online editions.

I do read the Calgary Sun at the local cafe, but no longer buy or subscribe to the city Newspapers. For me part of news is trying to separate fact from propaganda and that often requires visiting multiple sources. Obviously I cannot afford to subscribe to 100 different outlets and therefore depend on being able to find things free.

Fortunately as far as Lame Stream media goes they all just print what they are fed so it is easy enough to find the official viewpoint anywhere. Determining its accuracy is another ball game altogether.
Not sure about other papers, but I'd be surprised if The Star or Globe & Mail ran print-only articles; hardly seems in their best interest if they're trying to build an online following to later charge.
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great thread so far. Part of my reasoning to migrate iPad for NYT was having to watch the Sunday times simply pile up in the corner of my living room - slowly but surely. It got pretty insane - and the site of it all was pretty discouraging in fact.

But i was really looking fwd to the interactivity of all these mags, and as much as I have seen some of it demonstrated (mostly in videos), i've still not been wowed. Though I would expect less of that w/ the papers than with say WIRED and like mags. Anyone messing w/ tech periodicals?
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I subscribe to NYT, The Magazine, Spin and The Economist.

Spin works ok, but doesn't automatically update well. Economist is pretty bad, never updates automatically and is buggy. NYT and The Magazine work great.

In terms business models, newspapers have an issue of ad rates falling dramatically over the years. Also when moving to digital, they need to do it in a way that does not kill their revenues which can be tricky. They can't kill the print revenue for a potential future in digital. They (along with other industries like TV) need to sort out that transition smoothly.
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Originally Posted by John Clay View Post
Can't stand the paper versions. I get ink on my fingers, paper cuts, and worst of all I have to deal with an unwieldily stack of paper.
I ditto that. And then, my inky fingers leave marks all over my white MacBook. So e-readers all of the way. I have a hardcopy and complimentary digital subscription to MacLean's. So far I've been really disappointed either by the magazine app or by MacLeans digital app. Often I haven't had success downloading it and have had to contact the company. I do love been able to double click on some obscure work to find the meaning.
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A lot of paywalled content can be accessed for free if you follow a link via Twitter or Facebook. So I follow a lot of journalists and news commentators on Twitter--they tweet links, I read for free.
Interested in creative writing?
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Psycosis, there is a conference going on today with respect to the TV industry. It seems the owners of TV stations are concerned that the number of households who have TVs is dropping. In the U.S. there are about 5 million households who do not have a they must be streaming entertainment content via tablets or computers. So, this is interesting as the newspapers understand that the print days are numbered ( sadly as I'm a print guy ). This means that in the future ( say 5 years ) we probably will have to pay for the streaming charges of our favourite programmes on the national networks. That said, media providers have a lot of work to do to get quality aps up and running....whether newspapers, magazines, or....TV. So the question now centres on the device..... will the new media drive the hardware. I once thought the 128gig iPad as a joke, but maybe it will be the norm if we "stream" or browse all of our infotainment.
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Originally Posted by Rps View Post
Not wishing to derail the thread here, but is there anyone here who prefers the paper hardcopy after trying the online version? I have been looking at the following: The WIndsor Star, Toronto Star, National Post, Globe and Mail.....and frankly, I really prefer the paper versions....I haven't looked at a magazine as yet, but what I am finding is I miss reading a lot of the online version when compared to the paper one.....maybe it's me but I actually find it harder to browse and pick up the "smaller" stories. Anyone else find this, or am I still in the dark ages.....
I prefer the epaper, though only reading with the PressReader apps- I don't like the web version. If you subscribe to the National Post through the paper, you can then access the paper through PressReader AND read all of the papers they own. Nice if you like a national paper and local.

As for magazines- read Macleans, Money Sense as they are included in print subscription from Rogers. Also read Macworld and MacLife and Men's Health.

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