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bshell Oct 3rd, 2012 08:52 PM

iPhone 5: White or Black?
I'd like to delete this post as I see someone else posted the same poll earlier.

kloan Oct 4th, 2012 12:30 AM

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I'd like to know why people think white gets 'dirty' faster. The white surfaces are GLASS, just like before. No dirt accumulates on them. If they're thinking of the aluminum surface, nothing more than finger prints and smudges... simply wipe them off.

It's a no brainer IMO. If you don't like the look of bare metal shining through the black finish, get the white one. Who knows if Apple will even get the issue fixed.

CTA Oct 21st, 2012 02:53 PM

Getting a white one. Now to go out and get a clear case...

Andrew Pratt Oct 21st, 2012 03:13 PM

I got white. Wife got black...time will tell if there's any difference or not.

BlackViper Oct 22nd, 2012 05:56 PM

The "dirty" issue with white iPhones, at least with my white 4S, is around the seams. After a year of use, with no case, my iPhone is starting to get black lines where dirt has worked it's way in around the home button as well as between the glass and plastic bezel.

Chagwa Oct 25th, 2012 03:53 PM

I got a black to match my black GTI beejacon

If you're going to put a protective case on it, colour is not really an issue.

forbidden_hero Oct 30th, 2012 03:54 PM

I got Black. Still waiting for my case to arrive in the mail. I keep my iPhone 5 in my front pocket when I go out and it still looks the way it did when I first got it. No scuffs or scratches.. yet

wonderings Oct 30th, 2012 03:58 PM

black is the faster colour.

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