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Old Sep 6th, 2012, 01:56 PM   #11
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FWIW I've been happy with Fido for years now. Mind you, their coverage in rural areas is terrible compared to Bell, but I don't often head to rural areas so this is a non-issue with me.

The CityFido Plan has been great for me -- unlimited talk and texting with the stuff that Canadian carriers (alone among civilised nations) charge extra for (like Caller ID, voicemail, call waiting etc) -- for $35/month. Data is extra.

I've only ever been with Fido since I moved here so I'm not directly comparing anything. I'm just saying that Fido has, thus far, given me no grief and offered me a plan I can afford and live with.
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Originally Posted by ehMax View Post
Telus seems to be the consensus. Thanks for the feedback! Was offering suggestions to someone else going to do an RV vacation on the west coast. Maybe he will join the thread.
That would be me!

We will be spending 3 weeks, starting in Calgary and ending up in Vancouver via the Rockies and Vancouver Island.

Last time we visited Canada the iPhone hadn't been invented. This time I would like to use the iPhone for maps, email, the internet etc. Hence my question about the best carrier in Alberta and BC.

How easy is it to get a short "contract" SIM? In the UK we can just get a pay-as-you-go SIM from just about any of the carriers by just walking into a shop.
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Old Oct 5th, 2012, 03:27 PM   #13
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I'll throw in a +1 for Telus. I rode my motorcycle coast to coast this summer, and the reception was flawless other than in Winnipeg where it was spotty and in Brandon MB where it didn't work at all.

Out west my Telus phone picked up 3G signal everywhere, even on the island (Tofino etc), compared to my friend's Rogers phone that was out of service most of the time outside of the cities, and when it did have service it was on the Edge network.

I was a long term Rogers customer but switched to Telus this spring. It sure paid off for me this summer testing the network from coast to coast!
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Old Oct 8th, 2012, 12:19 AM   #14
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In the city of Vancouver I've been happy with Fido for about 12 years. It uses the Rogers network, but the people at Fido seem friendlier. It's a Quebec company that was bought by Rogers about 6 years ago. Right now they have some pretty good plans for the $40/mo price range.
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I should add that on a recent road trip from Vancouver to Edmonton, I often had no signal from Fido in remote areas, while my friends with Bell generally (not 100% of the time, but frequently) did. Obviously when I was in an actual town of any significance, no issues. But now I'm a little worried should I ever want to go camping ...
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My wife and I have been with Bell ever since out first cell phone (you remember, those gigantic Motorola grey plastic things), and we've been grandfathered to a fairly reasonably priced plan every time we renew. There have been some pretty frustrating moments when a billing problem had to be dealt with, but we're reasonably happy otherwise. Coverage has been pretty good too, I get service in places where others have spotty performance.

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Bell and Telus pretty much have the same coverage, they operate a shared network. Virgin is fully-owned by Bell, and also has identical coverage. I've heard the same of Koodo.

Essentially, there are only two nationwide networks: Bell/Telus/Koodo/Virgin and Rogers/Fido. Rogers/Fido is absolutely horrible in Saskatechwan. The Bell/Telus/Etc. net is not that great in Manitoba. Otherwise, it's pretty darn close. Virgin has some of the cheaper plans with the Choice options.
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