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Here are the latest pictures from this morning. My mobility was hampered by the stroller I was pushing, but my toddlers were patient in my silly excursion.

First, the exterior of the Apple Store. The hoarding has been disconnected from the walls and this morning there was major work to be done on the bare wall on the left side. Apple was not satisfied with the look and requested it be redone. This section of wall is done with limestone slabs not stainless steel as previously reported. The workman said that this re-do is going to cost Apple a lot of money.

Here is a photo showing the limestone slabs to be installed.

I spoke with one of the workmen and he told me that all of the construction has to be completed with a drop dead of the 19th (this Thursday).

I ventured to attempt a frontal picture from the glass doors but a drywall partition blocked me from getting any closer.

As you can see there are makeshift coverings of cardboard to try and obscure the otherwise wide open cracks. This is the best picture I could take under the circumstances. I could observe that workers were completing the point-of-sale cabinets at the very rear of the store and, that the floor that was previous jackhammered a couple days ago has been repaired and replaced. The tables are still askew from their final positioning.

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