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Help Time Capsule and Time Machine appreciated

With apologies to my local VMUGers and for a long post here, I post my list message here as I haven't received any recent replies or suggestions and maybe posting my questions here may provide some suggestions that I would be happy to learn about and maybe the answers could help others.

A May 2010 iMac and Time Capsule purchase.

I wrote as a reply:

Thanks and I guess a reset to factory default may also be a recommended procedure to use?? And I plan to do both unless someone suggests otherwise.

Questions for the gurus:

- As she doesn't need wireless, (and her Port Royale Estates place seem to be flooded with wi-fi signals!!!), I was planning to setup her Time Capsule for wired ethernet connection only, along with her shaw cable ethernet connection.

But is there some ethernet setting to guarantee a gigabit Ethernet connection from her iMac to the Time Capsule when Time Machine does it's backup thing??? Or does the Network "automatic" ethernet speed setting look after that??

- Also, as Time Machine doesn't provide any real actual bootable backup provision is there any real advantage to backup everything when only the Users data is important and the rest can be be optionally ignored??

Patrick ...

At 12:08 AM -0800 12/1/10, Christian --- wrote:
Sounds like a goofy formatting. Reformat and rebackup.


On 2010-11-30, at 8:48 PM, Patrick ---- wrote:
> A long time client upgraded her old 'life saver' iMac to a new Intel iMac in May of this year and the dealer nicely 'migrated' all her old files and stuff to the new iMac, but unfortunately they also oversold her (IMHO) with a Time Capsule for her single new and wired only iMac.

With her recent problems resolved, and being a bit of a harper on a proper backup, checking Time Machine pref pane showed:
Last backup: blank
Next backup: also blank

The TC was listed as the the volume to use. Hmmm...

A Finder check using the 'go to folder' and entering '/volumes' showed about five various named volumes and neither one could be actually located nor mounted and being rather late in the day and I was getting a bit brain dead, I decided to leave the problem for another day, and to get her Time Machine actually backing up to her Time Capsule.

It seems that something was writing a useless backup somewhere that I have encountered before.

My question to any Time Capsule users is what actual 'volumes' do you see when using the Finder 'go to folder' and entering '/volumes'???

And yes, I tried connecting the TC via ethernet and got the same results.

So I'm guessing a full reset of the TC and erase is the proper route to go, and just start over and hopefully TM will work properly.

And for those who are curious, the TC would not mount, yet using TM some files could be seen and listed yet weren't actually available to recover. All quite strange.

Thanks for any help or suggestions, and send any screen shots off list if you feel so inclined.

PS: Just another backup harp from me to check that your expected data backup is actually working!!!!
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