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Strange OS X 10.4.3 Login Issue

A client of mine has a G5 with a RAID boot disk (two drives) plus a couple of external FW drives. He is running OS X 10.4.3 and it is set to auto login. He had Photoshop crash this morning opening a large file and had to force a restart. It now boots to a login window but it rejects his login, which he knows is correct. Furthermore, the login window seems to be obscuring another window... the bottom of which can be seen directly below the login box. When booting from another disk I ran Disk Utility but it is unable to unmount this disk. A FSCK when booting into Single User mode sees no problems. I booted from the OS X DVD to reset the password but it does not see any users on this disk.

The content of the disk do seems to be intact. Any ideas... short or reinstalling the OS?

Fink Different eh!
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unplug both drives and plug 'em back in? (comp has to be off of course)
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Comfy with the command line?

I'd try this, but don't blame me if the Mac crashes and burns.

Boot into single user mode
mount the file system as per instructions on the screen
use the rm command to trash the following:

rm -rf /Library/Preferences/
rm -rf /Library/Preferences/loginwindow.plist


Hope that works, because I have no idea about RAIDs.
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If KPS's solution doesn't work you can do the following as well:

Boot into single user mode, type the fsck and then mount the device from read only to read write (mount -uw /)

Follow after the #

# cd /var/db/netinfo
# mv local.nidb local.nidb.bad
# ls /Users --> (copy down the users short name as you will need this to rebuild)
# reboot

This will startup the setup assistant. When you get to the part of the User name and password, you need to input the shortname from the ls /Users that you did a couple of steps ago.

You will not lose any data within the shortnames user folder.

As mentioned above, I am not responsible for and damages done...
Good Luck!
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