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SDRAM for G4 AGP (Sawtooth)

SDRAM is quit a bit more expensive than the same size DDR RAM - typically $80 to $100 US or the equvalent here in Canadian dollars for 512M.
I came across this ebay auction
at a quite attractive price.

The seller specifically states that this particular SDRAM is not Apple compatible but he has a link to an SDRAM which is Apple compatible. Turns out the "Apple-compatible" SDRAM is almost double the price of the 'non-Apple compatible" SDRAM.

Leaving aside the comments 'You get what you pay for' and 'brand-name RAM', can somebody tell me why the SDRAM in the above aucion is not Apple compatible? Based on the description it certainly meets all of the Apple specs in my G4 manual that came with the computer. In fact I would question the compatibility of his 'Apple compatible SDRAM'. The Apple spec calls for no more than 16 memory devices per DIMM - not sure his low density SDRAM will meet that.

PS: I keep coming across statements like this on some of the memory supplier web sites:
"Your Power Mac G4 450 only supports modules made with a specific type of chip. Should you find what seems to be the exact same memory elsewhere else for a lower price, it is very possible that the cheaper memory will not work with your computer system."

I currently have two 128M and two 256M DIMMs in the G4. None of these were Apple specific DIMMs (other than the original 128M DIMM) and I doubt if they use the special chips that are being referred to above. They work fine - always pass the DIMM test. Are these comments re 'Apple-specific' chips and/or DIMMs just a scare tactic - specifically when it comes to the G4? I hear some other models may be a bit more "picky" when it comes to memory, but what about the G4?

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The DIMM on the "PC-only" page is claimed to be 64x64 chips, where as the "Apple RAM" is claimed to 38x8 "low-density" chips -- there's your difference. Although, I highly doubt that 64x64 chips don't work in AGP 'Sawtooth' Power Mac G4's. They wouldn't work in anything less than an AGP Power Mac G4, but I'm almost certain these will work just fine in your G4. I think he's just "for sure" about his "Apple RAM."
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