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Originally Posted by MacDoc View Post
It IS about time conservation is recognized as low hanging fruit and to see it incorporated as a major part of the initiative.

Less talk - more action.
I don't have a clue what you mean by that. Ontario depends way TOO much on conservation. Not that I'm against it. But this dependency puts them at high risk as has already been evident. It also causes havoc at work, but that's another issue...
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You likely don't understand the comparative costs of building new facilities versus making existing facilities serve more density.

Just take high rises alone in the GTA and retrofitting them would take far less money and take far less time than building a single nuclear plant - and the saving in energy would exceed the output of the nuclear plant.

Where is is especially important is in blunting the peak demand for AC and this is one area retrofits are terrific.

Another is extending the Cold Pipe a/c system from Lake Ontario - fast and cost effective instead of building new facilities.

NextEnergy one of our clients runs a 15,000 sq' light manufacturing operation on $500 or less a month utility bills.
They switched to MacMInis from G5s because the G5s were a major draw - there were few other savings they could get elsewhere.

Providing programs for retrofits, incentives for LEED buidling standards for new buildings and concentrating on the main chances with high density/ energy inefficient multiple dwellings is better use of funds than building more capacity.
In Australia and the web site is out of date.
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My brother works in the phsical plant maintenance of the whole Queen's Park block and related civic buildings in the Wellesley-Bay area. They have been busy trying to implement and successfully harness the cold pipe from Lake Ontario. His highly unofficial take on it is that it's been badly done, at least at his end, and he expects the efficiency levels of the system to be abysmal, simply owing to almost comical mismanagement on the part of the higher-ups. I'm sure it could be done better, but we're talking government here... they're rarely innovators when it comes to efficiency and reducing waste. My bro says that they have already spent obscene amounts of money on massive infrastructure in the buildings in his beat, and that they will have to spend mega money, again, just to get it right... provided some bureaucratic mucky-muck up top owns up to having messed up. So, good money after bad - to correct the wrong pumps, wrong condensers, wrong specs and destructive corner cutting... my brother claims he's seen it all. I think he could write a book on how horrible this stuff gets in the public service, but that's another topic altogether.

Bottom line: the best ideas aren't worth squat if they're done poorly and it's all masked by an impressive feel-good public campaign.
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