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Attn: Job Seekers: Altig International is a scam

Hey, I just thought I would give everyone the heads up on another scam.
I just got an email sent to me from:
HR British Columbia,
Subject: AIL - Altig Intl. Associate and Entry Level Management

August 31, 2005


My name is Inkyu Park, I am the Sr. Hiring Manager for AIL and Altig International in British Columbia. I am writing to you regarding your resume, which was forwarded to me from my HR Department.**Currently, we are looking to fill two key positions here in the Burnaby office; Associate and
Entry Level Management.

Both of the above opportunities are very important to the success and
strategic goals of AIL and Altig International. We are expanding rapidly and
need to find quality, qualified individuals to contribute to the extensive
growth of our company.

Each of the key positions mentioned above require the following attributes:
honesty, integrity and trust. It is also imperative that individuals
applying for these positions have excellent communication skills, as well as
a great work ethic.

I am scheduling interviews throughout this next week. If you feel that you
fit the above description, please call me on Monday - Friday between 2pm and
6pm and we will discuss the next steps to your possible future employment
with our company.

AIL is part of the Torchmark Corporation, a Fortune 500 Company traded on
the New York Stock Exchange under ticker symbol TMK. Altig International is
the largest division of AIL.**Please visit our website at
<>**for more information.


Inkyu Park
Sr. Hiring Manager
AIL/Altig International
5945 Kathleen Ave
STE 400
Burnaby, BC V5H 4J7
604.439.2464 ext 111

Anyway, I was alittle skeptic, becuase I don't remeber applying for a job at this company. Plus, I work in the graphic design field. So, I Googled it, and this site came up in the non Canadian search Rip Off Report-Altig International

It's a scam! Take heed and don't get caught.
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I would never take a job from an email anyway! Unless I had previously contacted them!

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sounds a lot like primerica.

my sister arranged a presentation by a friend of hers who was selling primerica "life insurance". i listened politely for a while, but when she told me they had over 200 "regional vice presidents" just in toronto, i completely lost interest and told her so.

i know of one other person who was caught up in the primerica scam for a while until her family "persuaded" her to get out.
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Old Sep 1st, 2005, 08:06 PM   #4
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I heard from these guys, ignored it.

I also heard from Primerica a while ago, but when they contacted me they represented themselves as being Citibank proper, not their Primerica franchise.

They almost got me through the door too, until I told someone about it and told me not to even bother talking to them as it was a scam.
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Originally Posted by miguelsanchez
sounds a lot like primerica.

my sister arranged a presentation by a friend of hers who was selling primerica "life insurance". i listened politely for a while, but when she told me they had over 200 "regional vice presidents" just in toronto, i completely lost interest and told her so.

i know of one other person who was caught up in the primerica scam for a while until her family "persuaded" her to get out.
Technically, Primerica is not a scam. Expressions like "pyramid scheme" are often used to describe Primerica and Amway, buy they aren't. But they are different in their marketing approach. It's called "multi-level marketing."

I never worked for Primerica. But, I did attend some of their session, thinking I was going to a job interview. I met some interesting people. But they were offering a sales job, and I just cannot do that. Not in my nature.

I'm going to explain a bit about the little I know of Primerica, so you can see why it's not a pyramid scheme. I also think it's an interesting story.

What makes Primerica unusual is how it grows. Most salesmen sell to people they don't know. Primerica salesmen are encouraged to sell to people they know, including family, and to market not just the products, but the job as a salesman. You try to make friends and family into customers, and try to turn customers into salesmen!

Of course, your friends and family aren't likely to bite, but they are likely to give you contact info on their friends. This gives Primerica its cult-like creepiness.

Primerica sells life insurance. Before Primerica, the insurance business was dominated by "whole life insurance." Primerica sells "term insurance." Term was the original form of insurance. The big difference is term is cheap, flexible, has good returns, but it expires. Whole life doesn't expire and is very inflexible and more expensive. Because it doesn't expire, it is virtually fool-proof.

Why buy term? Let's say you are 50, and married to a 50 yr old. You are buying life insurance. The odds that you will both live to be 80 is very small. So if you buy a 30 yrs term life insurance but you both live past 80 you will be uninsured. But much more likely, you will die before 80, your wife will get a fortune. Playing these odds really does make more sense for a lot of people. Paying much more money for an unlikely event like you both living past 80 seems silly.

The drawback? Whole life is secure. It is also much better for the insurance company, apparently (but I cannot remember why).

Term is also very flexible. "Buy term and invest the difference" is the slogan. The other product Primerica sells is using this difference to invest. Combining Life Insurance and Stock Porfolios is the magic the made Primerica a marketing success.

The market reaction was inevitable. First, insurance companies began to offer term insurance to customers. Second, the banks began to move into investments. If I wanted to be facetious, I might say that Primerica was the Apple Computer innovating, thus motivating it's competitors to follow.

Primerica is a very peculiar business. They are out to convince America to switch from whole life to term. Their firm belief in term is almost a religion, and they are on a crusade to save America from the big bad insurance companies.

The really creepy part of multi-level marketing is how everyone gets paid. The money flows backwards; basically, you pay your boss. Everyone you enrole in Primerica kicks-back some of their earnings to you. You kick back to your boss, and so on. The best way to make a lot of money is NOT to be a good salesman, but to be a good RECRUITER. The more successful salesmen working for you, the more money you make.

You can make a lot of money with Primerica. But you need to have the right personality. You really need to be outgoing and social. You won't get anywhere as a book-smart accountant. You need to be a good talker. But it really helps to be a sociopath, able to convince your own friends and family to stake their old age on your "funky insurance," AND to convince them to do it to their friends and family, too.
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you are all wrong because i'm currently working for Altig International in the new office in Orange California and making good $$$$. The reason we email is because resumes are foward to us from the career builder!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST WANTED TO LET YOU KNOW THAT IT IS NOOOOOOOOOOOOO SCAM is offline  
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ewwww... go away cyber stalker. you're not going to convince anyone here.

i too got suckered into one of those primerica 'interviews'. thought it was for a real job, but turned out to be a bunch of crap. happened again for another company i can't even remember the name of... though it had something to do with setting up trade show kiosks or something like that.. interviewed two at a time, pick the best of the two.. got a call back, asked me to come in again... blah blah blah... sure is irritating when you're trying to find a REAL job.
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It's funny how the new scammer above can't even manage an altig dot com email address.
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