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Just got a new water dispenser for a gift and wondering where you guys/gals get your big jugs of water from for these (in Toronto)....Delivery or refill yourself?? Where should I go?
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Did you mean a water-cooler that uses those jugs that are often blue in colour? If so, my workplace orders the jugs of water from a vendor called Crystal Springs. I think we're going to change another vendor soon though.

Also, you can usually refill your own blue bottles at most larger grocery stores. They've got these automated vending machines that fill up your containers.

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Yes those are the kind I was talking about....I picked a couple water jugs up at Loblaws last night for 4.99 each...I think that's a good deal.
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We get ours refilled at A&P for $3.49 for 5 gallons. They use a Culligan machine. Delivery from Culligan is $6.99
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As the owner of a bottled water company...I feel I should throw my 2 cents worth in here somewhere.

First off, every licenced bottled water company in Canada has to pass some pretty stringent regulations in order to get into the biz, and to stay in the biz. That's a given.

So relax. Your bottled water is likey to be very VERY safe. Some of the very best in the world. Guaranteed.

BUT...the bad news comes next. Prepare yourselves.....

Fact#1- MOST bottled water is just filtered tap water! This is a well-documented fact. Some of the biggest name brands are nothing more than your own tap water that has been run through an industrial filtration system and then treated with some (probably) benign chemicals to sterilise it before it actually goes into the bottle.

(ALL Canadian bottled water MUST be sterilised before being bottled)

Fact#2- MANY (most) of the bottled waters that have the word "spring" in their actual name...are NOT really spring water!

In fact..their "Brand Names" are very often a total scam.

(example: "Canadian Springs"...this is a French-owned company called Danone that filters tap water and sells in on a large scale to an unsuspecting Canadian public. The company is NEITHER "Canadian", nor does it sell "spring water"...although you CAN get some water from them that does come from a natural spring. IF you pay extra. And ask real nice. AND if all the planets line up just right) [img]tongue.gif[/img]

Fact#3- All of the biggest food and soft drink companies are busy buying up all of the companies that bottle real spring water right, now while trying to establish market share in what most experts think will be the single biggest boom market since the oil boom of the early twentieth century. Soon after they buy them, they usually dilute the real spring water with filtered tap water from a municipal standpipe in order to radically increase output and maximise profit margins. Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Nestles are the biggest players in this particular game right now.

Let the buyer beware. What you THINK you are getting might NOT be what you actually get. It WILL be safe, that's guaranteed. will probably NOT be anything more than expensive filtered tap water.

Fact#4- Those dispensers that you see at the supermarket are actually steam distiller units. (I know, we own one). Distilled water is totally safe...but it should not be consumed on an exclusive basis unless your doctor recommends it for some sort of medical condition. We sell our distilled water to auto shops (for car batteries) and to dentist's offices for use in dental equipment.

Not only that...but you should know that all sorts of people have gotten fairly ill because they filled up one of their own contaminated bottles with distilled water from a supermarket dispenser. You MUST sterilise your bottle before filling it...and then you must fill it RIGHT AWAY with clean water.

Anything less, and you are just courting disaster. Unchlorinated water that ends up in an unsterilised container is a breeding groud for all sorts of serious grief. Especially if it is stored in a well-lit place for a few days before being consumed. Don't go there.

NONE of these supermarket dispensers has any sort of washing and sterilisation facility for incoming customer-owned bottles. Bottles that are likely to be contaminated in some way or another, BTW.

Which is why they are being pulled out of most of the supermarkets out here in BC. (that's why we got our steam distilling machine for ten cents on the dollar from a supermarket that had run into just this sort of problem).

Fact#5- Look VERY hard at the label on your favorite brand of bottled water. This is IMPORTANT!

"Purified Water" means that it probably came out of the same municipal water system that supplies your standard tap water. It WILL be clean and safe. Guaranteed. But it will NOT be worth paying any sort of money for (save your a Brita).

"Naturally Pure Spring Water" means it came out of the ground under it's own pressure, and was already perfectly clean when it did... and is, therefore, vastly superior to any sort of "Purified" tap water.

Look at the PPM number that is clearly stated on every bottle of water sold in Canada. "PPM" means "Parts Per Million".

(explanation: Out of one million parts per million parts of water, there are exactly 3 or 30 or 300 parts that are NOT water in that bottle. Depending upon what the label reads. This is strictly monitored, BTW.)

Evian Water is over 300 PPM. Just slightly less than what is allowed as the absolute maximum. (much more than that and you have to chew the chunks to get it down!)

Most good true spring waters are between 30 and 100 PPM.

Distilled water should be zero PPM. If you only drink zero PPM water ALL of the time, then your digestive system may begin to look for minerals in your bones. Zero PPM is not what you are looking for in a drinking water. You want LOW PPM...not ZERO PPM.

Bottom line? Look for "Real" or "Natural" Spring water. Not "Purified Water".

Look for the words "Bottled at the Source". This will eliminate most of the possibility for a scam (filtered tap water).

READ the "PPM number". It will be printed somewhere on the label. 100 PPM is fine. Twice that is probably OK. 50PPM is great...and anything LESS than that in a real naturally pure spring water is a GIFT! Buy it!!

And, I'll bet you will be able to tell how very good a low PPM natural spring water is, from the taste alone. This is what water SHOULD taste like.

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A quick word here about some of the more popular brands of bottled water that you may find yourself faced with in a gas station or convenience store...

"Aquafina" is owned and bottled by Pepsi Cola. It is made from purified tap water in whatever local city that their soft drink factory is located in. (It's "Pepsi", without the sugar syrup and colour and flavorings). It is perfectly safe filtered tap water. If that's what you want to pay good money for...then have at it. It can't hurt you (although some people think it tastes "flat". Just as most filtered tap waters do).

"Dasani" is a whole different kettle of fish. It is the brand of bottled water that is owned by Coca Cola...and is also made from purifed tap water in whatever city that they have a bottling plant. (it's "Coke", but without the sugar syrup and colour and flavorings)

BUT!! It also has some pretty serious added ingredients. You can see this for yourself if you look on the bottle. It will list "ingredients". No other bottled water that I know of has "Ingredients" (meaning ADDED ingredients!!)

The "ingredients" in this case...are a whole bunch of mineral salts. Our chemist tells me that these mineral salts...if combined in the right way...could actually make a person VERY THIRSTY . And then, they might just want to buy ANOTHER bottle of Dasani in order to quench that thirst.

You don't suppose that the chemists at Coca-Cola would actually DO this to poor unsuspecting you!?! [img]graemlins/ptptptptptpt.gif[/img]


BTW..."Dasani" has now been withdrawn from the market in much of Europe because of widespread questions about these suspicious (and artificial) mineral additives. That brand of filtered tap water is now effectively DEAD in parts of Europe.

The front cover of a recent English newspaper had, as it's cover story, a photo of a Dasani bottle with the headline:

"NOT the REAL thing!!"

(and I'll be happy to post that front page, if anyone wants to see it for themselves.)

In short....

READ the label. BE informed. Water is the biggest single component of your body. You cannot survive for very long without it!

You need to be well-informed about what it is you are supplying your body with, when it's signalling thirst.

Pay high prices for cheap filtered tap water if you want. But you can often find a very high quality low-PPM real spring water for the very same price as the filtered tap water. Or LESS!

You just need to look around and be label-conscious. Same as with anything else you consume.

And, since the water you drink is the single most important thing you consume each day...then the actual source of that water, and it's PPM level, should be the one thing that commands all of your attention. All of the time!

Think about it.

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Thanks for the two lessons on water, Macnutt. I am pleased to see that the bottled water we buy has the "Naturally Pure Spring Water" distinction clearly on the label.
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The Desanni brand of water uses Reverse Osmosis as it's filtering method.

Most people will argue that RO is better for you.

I tend to disagree with that fact.

The RO process removes any impurities as well as the naturally occurring minerals that is found in the water. if you read on the Desanni label, you will see "Reminerialized". These are the additives that are put back into the water.

The reason that this is done, is that RO water that is not "reminerialized" will leach the minerals from your body to replenish the minerals that are missing from the RO water. This is why Coca Cola introduces the minerals back into their water.

I refuse to drink RO for that fact. I prefer the Natural Spring Water myself. It just tastes better and I know for a fact that it is better for myself and my family.
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Macnutt, I'll echo Dr. G's thanks on the water lessons. That's all worthwhile info.

Now about that page you offered to post, could you?

Not that I doubt you. I actually recall reading it.

But I just want to see if you can post something on your own when it's about something near and dear to your heart and actually supports what you say.
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