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Stupid support question re MacbookPro

Ok, I'm not new to computers, but am a total noob with the Mac.

I picked up a Macbook Pro from Bestbuy (hey, I wanted a laptop, asked for a credit card of $1k they gave me enough for a MBP and I love the thing)

Anyway, I digress... the battery lasts about half an hour, charges in about 40 minutes obviously I think the thing is toast.

Question is this, where/who do I go to? No way in hell I'm going back to BestBuy for this. Would any AASP tell me the battery should be replaced under warranty (the machine is 9 months old).

Next question is, I'm in Brampton, ON. Do I go to the Apple store nearby? Is there anyone out there ehMac recommends?

I checked the FAQ and it was just forum related stuff, not actual Mac questions. Maybe there could be an ehMacFaq heh... I'm sure this question has been asked plenty of times before, but I guess my choice of search terms (all 10 tries) have not been specific enough.

Thanks for reading.
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Call 1-800-MY-APPLE

Just call 1-800-MY-APPLE and they will ship you a new battery, and include a box for you to ship your old one back. If you do not ship the old one back, they charge you for the new battery. It's how most of their parts replacement works. You will need a credit card for this.
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Before you call Apple, you might want to calibrate your battery and reset your power management unit (PMU). Apple will likely want to walk you through these procedures before aothourising a replacement. Nine months seems fairly short for battery life. My MBP is cycling at around 2.5 hours after 15 months - but then it was properly calibrated from the git-go.
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Yep, done all the calibration (including when first purchased) and have reset the PMU to no avail.

This thing is shutting down randomly so I'm going to cut this msg short (third attempt heh.)
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