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Many mac rumor sites are predicting a rather boring MWSF coming up in Jan. Which got me wondering why doesn't Apple follow the trends of the auto industry which uses the car shows to show off prototype products, which generates tons of press for them. Remember that the Viper and the New Beetle/Mini were originally prototypes that were not slated for production.

Why doesn't Apple do the same thing? Come out with some radically cool new product that they are working on for the future. Create some excitement as to what they are working on.

If the only significant thing Apple introduces at MWSF next week is paid iapps all they are going to get is more negative publicity. Seems to me that Apple is focusing more on becoming a software company.

Come on Steve where are the insanely great products.
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They would probably never do this
Main Reason
Having a show to show off products "in production" means that your competition will most likely show up, then they know what you are working on and have a chance to get a competing product out before you

Say they did this and apple released iParty, and MS showed up to check it out and they said "Hey, we are working on something similer to this"
Now they know what Apple is doing and can get their product out before, taking some of the market that may have gone to apple first.

those are my thoughts anyway.

iThink, therefore iMac
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I want to see these Intel machines that are being tested. Read about them and then never really heard anything else again.

Anyone know what the scoop with these things is? What the h**l are they doing with 'Intel inside' them.
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Sever wrote:
"I want to see these Intel machines that are being tested. Read about them and then never really heard anything else again."

The ones that were distributed to a few testers and were welded shut?

"Anyone know what the scoop with these things is? What the h**l are they doing with 'Intel inside' them."

Rumour has it they've got "AMD inside" instead. Rumour also has it that the machines exist as some sort of insurance policy. If Motorola/IBM aren't able to provide Apple with a faster PowerPC chip, then Apple will almost be forced to move over to an x86 architecture if they want to remain competitive.

Of course, if Apple starts producing an x86 box, something tells me it's not going to be compatible with most other x86-based PCs.
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