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There doesn't seem to be any iBook issues mentioned so far, so I'll share the two that I know of:
1) There is an issue with the display cable being chafed by the screen on opening/closing, which causes the display to become very temperamental. I was told by a technician that the cables can't be purchased without a whole new LCD! That's rough.
2) There's a logic board problem, that I personally experienced. This problem seemed to affect a bunch of iBooks from 500-900Mhz, almost purely G3's. The G4's are newer so we'll have to wait and see about them. Check out the <a href =>petition</a> I signed at #464, about 2 weeks ago. I sincerely hope Apple does something about this, as it's affecting a growing number of people.
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Macnutt, I feel your pain as I have another Lombard with an affected 400 CPU. You're lucky that you are still able to boot into 9.

I didn't know it was a firmware issue with Pismos. My Lombard collapses with a L2 cache error virtually every boot in 9. Disabling the L2 cache (via software) doesn't solve the problem either.

Did you try a different CPU? I swapped the 400 CPU with a known working CPU and found OS X happiness (temporarily) [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Macnutt, You could upgrade the processor to a 500 mhz

This is an example link, eBay may or may not be cheaper.

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Old Jan 6th, 2004, 04:02 AM   #24
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From what I understand...and I'm no genius at this stuff...the problem can't be solved with a CPU upgrade. It's something to do with the motherboard. I've been told by numerous experts that "this is just one of those Pismos that won't take Unix".

Noway Nohow.

It runs any sort of OS9 like a champ. Never freezes or crashes. But it will not run OSX.

If anyone has any personal experience with a Pismo 400 that wouldn't take to OSX...and managed to solve it, then I am ALL ears!

I run strictly OSX nowadays on my G4 Powermac. No OS9 at all. I like it a lot. All of my SW is OSX stuff.

And I would just LOVE to have my trusty old black beauty on the same page.

Instead of gathering dust in my closet.

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Don't forget the abysmal Aiport range on the original TiBooks (which I believe got upgraded to "bad" in later revisions).

- Martin.
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