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Exclamation impressions of the 5th gen (video) iPods and accessories

So I sold my less-than-three-month-old 20 GB iPod (colour). Thanks, ehMac Classifieds!

Now I'm debating which of the new ones to treat myself to: 30 GB or 60GB. I doubt I'll use it much for video. At least not at the outset. But I do have over 7000 photos that I'd like to be able to back up and carry around with me and show off on the bigger screen. So the larger size is tempting.

The only drawback of the 60GB model is its thickness, but I know it's still much thinner than my 20 gig iPod was. Who here has held both of the 5th generation iPods and can personally comment on the experience?

Also, which of these accessories will I be able to use on the new iPods? Will I lose any functionality with those accessories that can still work with the 5th generation iPods?

Belkin Voice Recorder
Griffin iTalk
Griffin Lapel Microphone
Griffin iTrip
Griffin iBeams
Griffin PocketDock
Apple iPod Camera Connector
Apple (original) iPod remote

It would be really cool to have an accessory like the PocketDock that enables me to use all my 4th generation-compatible accessories. Has anyone made and marketed such a thing yet? I need a new iThingie!

Ah well. It looks like I might have to sell off some of these accessories otherwise. There's always eBay. And the Classified section here, I guess.

Lastly, does the carrying case that comes with the new iPods do its job? Or is it an afterthought throw-in like the first two generations' case that Apple included?
I'd also appreciate recommendations on 5th generation-compatible cases if you've got 'em.

TiBo... in Toronto
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Thanks for asking, TiBo. I've been wondering, too.
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Only comment I can make is about handling the things. The new 30 is rapidly approaching 'disappearing' size, in other words if there was a nano style lanyard you would probably wear it around your neck... The 60 is much thinner and somewhat lighter than it's predecessor. It has now reached the stage where it will no longer bulge and deform an inside jacket pocket. So you can now have your wallet in one pocket and your iPod in the other: getting interesting...
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I held the new 60GB version in my hand the other day when a co-worker brought it in to show it to me (cuz he knows what a Mac geek I am). I have to say...that thing is bloody small.

The video quality blew me away too. He demonstrated it playing episodes of the Simpsons and a movie (The Matrix). When watching video that uses the full screen, it is quite easy to do and I could imagine watching it for half-hour or one-hour periods on a bus. However, if the video you have is in letterbox format...good luck.

He had about 13,000 pics loaded on it as well...and again the quality was amazing.

If my iPod mini wasn't less than a year old, I would go and buy one. As for you...don't hesitate with the 60GB version. It's footprint is SMALL. It is very thin and the quality of the machine, in general, was stellar.
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